Diagnosis, sectors definition, evaluation, leakage control and hydraulic modelling with Infoworks-WS of Guanajuato and San Francisco del Rincón’s supply network (State of Guanajuato – México)


The works carried out by A-CING consisted in the revision the State of conservation of the main elements of the network, the installation of equipment for measurement of flow, pressure and level in tanks, the development and calibration of a mathematical model of the network, the improvement of the operation of pumps and pressure reducing valves, the diagnosis of the current state and the definition and evaluation of proposals, including a telemetry system for the main facilities. This procedure was implemented in the two cities studied, Guanajuato and San Francisco del Rincón.

The city of Guanajuato has a population of 82,260 inhabitants.The city of San Francisco del Rincón has a population of 75,496 inhabitants.