Hydraulic study of trunk water mains Picadas II y III (Toledo, España)

Picadas 3.jpg

Trunk water mains Picadas II y III provide potable water to 53 municipalities from  a treatment plant sited in Valmojado (Toledo). The system comprises reservoirs (57 units), large diameter trunk mains (552,3 km), airvalves (708 units), discharges valves (609 uts.), butterfly valves (132 uts.) as well as other elements.

The project has begun with the development of an hydraulic model, with which use A-CING’s staff has made simulations in different scenarios of demand and under different operational conditions.

As a result of the study, some weaknesses of the current system have been detected for transport and regulation in reservoirs. To solve theses problems, A-CING has pre-design new mains, some extension of several reservoirs as well as the implementation of a new  SCADA.