Water supply and sanitation Master Plan of Ferrol (A Coruña, Spain).


The project consisted in the development of a Master Plan for the water supply and sanitation infrastructures of Ferrol (La Coruña).

To this end, once verified the quality of the network data, a mathematical model was constructed  with Infoworks software in order to make the diagnosis of the current state of the system. The major deficiencies detected in the supply network were excess pressure in the pipes in rural areas and the presence of asbestos and grey cast iron pipes.

Water supply proposals included performances at the ETAP, replacement of pipelines, higher meshing network, installation of pressure control valves and the sectorization of the network. In addition, a telemetry system was proposed, including control points, measure equipment and the SCADA system for its manage.

For sewage system, the main recommendations were oriented to avoid and control spills out of the network.

The city of Ferrol has a population of 75,000 inhabitants.