IoT4Water by A-CING

A-CING provides advanced and customized IoT products and services for a reliable and optimum water consumption management. To design, develop and implement the IoT4Water services and products, A-CING integrates its know-how and experience in water management and ICT. The services provided can include every aspect of the project, from sensors deployment to data communication network, data storage and treatment, DSS and end-user applications.

Data are integrated in a Data Management Platform, allowing Big Data analytics, automatic reports, real time alarms and alerts setting up, work flows management, integration with existing systems (SCADA, Smart City Platforms, etc.).

The IoT4Water is an advance tool for water consumption control, enabling early detection of leaks, end-user consumption awareness and integration with security systems. Being developed in a custom-made mode, it is a tool that adapts its functionalities according to the specifics and particularities of each client.  

The IoT4Water optimizes water usage for a great variety of final users, from large scale consumer to single meter customer, providing services to municipal buildings, large consumers, gardens and green areas, water treatment facilities, etc.

  • IoT4Water – Large Consumers
  • IoT4Water – Municipalities
  • IoT4Water – Green Areas
  • IoT4Water – Treatment Control
  • IoT4Water – Customize solution