A-CING collaborates with RECI (Spanish Smart Cities Network)


A-CING analyses the Impact of Smart City Networks in Telecommunications Regulation and Standardization

The growing influence of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) within the Spanish Normalisation and Certification Association (AENOR), under its Technical Normalisation Committee 178 (CTN-178), has led to the publication of several norms in the area of Smart Cities. Among these norms, those in relation to the use of ICT represent the greatest number since technology is considered an empowering tool and the spinal cord of a Smart City. Consequently, the influence of RECI within the Spanish Standardisation and Normalisation sector is manifested, together with an international projection shown by the interest of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in some of these ICT-related norms. Such influence and impact have been analysed by a multidisciplinary group of experts from A-CING, the Official College of Telecommunication Engineers, the School of Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid and the Camilo José Cela University. The conclusions of this analysis can be found in this article : https://www.econstor.eu/bitstream/10419/148697/1/Palomo-Navarro-et-al.pdf