A-CING develops the real-time mathematical model of sanitation system in Bilbao

06/ 5/2017

A-CING, subsidiary company of TPF Getinsa Euroestudios, was commissioned in May 2017 by Bilbao City Council to undertake a Sewerage Management Study of the Bilbao Catchment (Basque Country, Spain) in order to carry out the implementation of a predictive-preventive-corrective plan in the Bilbao sewer system, serving a population of 350,000.

The project forms part of Bilbao City Council's strategy for building and using a complete wastewater network model so as to resolve and avoid the adverse consequences of failure of the sewerage system in terms of flooding and risk prevention.

The purpose of the hydraulic model is to adopt preventive measure in order to manage the sewer system accordingly, mitigating the risk throughout the catchment for different storm and dry weather flow events. It can also provide the basis for the designing solutions to improve the sewer system operation and to identify the locations and causes of all flooding in the catchment. The wastewater network model will be built using InfoWorks ICM Live and the main hydraulic modelling work will include activities such as data collection, model building, model testing, flow survey, model verification, model calibration and use of the model.