A-CING is awarded contract with Canal de Isabel II Gestión S.A. for study of several drainage systems

02/ 1/2013

A-CING has been awarded the contract "Technical Assistance Services for the execution of Hydraulic and diagnostic studies of the town drainage networks managed by Canal de Isabel II Gestión S.A. (2012-2015)".

The works to be carried out on the drainage systems of more than 20 municipalities of the Region of Madrid include the modelling and calibration of sanitation networks by means of the Infoworks CS application, the diagnosis of the hydraulic behaviour and the number and condition of the discharges that occur through spillways (CSO - combined sewer overflow) in order to analyse and suggest the best solutions aiming at their optimisation. This way, they could be adapted to the foreseen growth for each of the current Urban Planning Projects.

These works aim to affect a total population of approximately one million people.