The GLOBAL ITV Council defines its debating priorities


On October, 14th, the GLOBAL ITV Council has held its plenary meeting via electronic means. More than 25 well-reputed advanced TV experts attended the meeting, from countries like Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain.

GLOBAL ITV Council is a group of independent experts with the objective of promoting interoperable solutions for advanced interactive digital television services, as well as fostering future research on common technology priorities between European and Brazilian researcher groups. The Council will set itself also as an important platform to share experiences of European and Brazilian deployments, roadmaps the implementation of interactive digital television services.

It is conceived as an institution created inside of the GLOBAL ITV project and supported by the GLOBAL ITV project until the end of 2015, but also independent of GLOBAL ITVproject and  looking for a longer life, with the aim of continuing its activities after the end of the GLOBAL ITV project.

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