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You are visiting the website of AQUA-CONSULT INGENIEROS, S.L. (hereinafter "A-CING"), a company with registered address in C/ Marqués de Ahumada, 11, 1ºC - 28028 Madrid, Spain - Phone No.: +34916362804.
The following Privacy Policy is applicable to all of the services of this website, as well as to any further pages and services that may be added to the site in the future.


Protecting your Privacy is our priority. Through the submission of forms, you provide us with information that allows for you to contact us in order to solve any question or submit any request. The contents of our Privacy Policy will let you know which type of information we collect, how it is processed and which your rights and obligations towards users are, as well aswith regard tothe securestorage of such data by keeping them out of reach of unauthorised third parties.


A-CING keeps the following forms in relation to the storage of data:

  • A data processing and storage file aimed at solving any incident that may have occurred with regard to the opinions or queries that you submit to us through the contact form.
  • An application file for subscriptions to our e-mail newsletter, which may also be used to unsubscribe from this service if you wish so.

These files are in compliance with the legal requirements set forth in Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, as well as with the technical requirements established in the Regulation on Security Measures enacted by Royal Decree 1720/2007, aimed at ensuring the security of any data provided by you.

By completing and submitting this Registration form, you are giving your unambiguous consent to the storage of your data in our files for the abovementioned purposes.

You are required to fill in all the information requested in the fields marked with an asterisk for your registration to be admitted and to receive an answer from us.

Sensitive information -as defined by the current regulations- will never be requested through any of these forms. A-CING ensures that the data provided will not be made available to any person outside the company and that such data will only be disclosedat theexclusive request of their duly authorised holder.


Users of A-CING services may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or objection to their personal data stored in our files. Such rights are as follows:

The user will be entitled to request and obtain information, at no expense, with regard to any of his/her personal data being processed, the sources of such information (which in our case will always be the forms on our web page) and any communications that may affect him/her. To receive this information, the customer must request so by sending an e-mail addressed to, which is also the e-mail address that shall be used to submit modifications whenever so required. Such e-mail message must be sent from the e-mail address recorded in the form. Otherwise, your data will not be displayed, since your identity will not be considered sufficiently proved.

A-CING will be hold harmless against any liability in the event that the request for display or modification of your data is made from the e-mail address that you provided in any of the forms of the web page since, in that case, we will assume that the request is made by the user. Access to personal data will also be granted at the registered address of the company in C/ Marqués de Ahumada, 11, 1ºC - 28028 Madrid, Spain - Phone No.: +34916362804 or through any other valid material method provided that the applicant's identity is sufficiently proved.

The user may request the rectification, objection or cancellation of his/her data, which A-CING must undertake within a maximum period of 10 days. Cancellation of data involves the blocking of your data, which will only be stored for the purpose of replying to any request for information submitted by any competent Public Administration Departments or by a Judge or a Court.

A-CING acknowledges its liability and ensures compliance with its duty of professional secrecy with regard toall data provided by the registered user.


Should A-CING permanently stop providing their online services for any reason whatsoever, all stored data must be destroyed in order to guarantee the security of any data provided by the user while in compliance with their appropriate purpose.


Any changes in this Privacy Policy shall be notified to the user through the 'Privacy Policy' section at the homepage or the main page of, and will come into force right after its publication therein.