IoT Solutions

A-CING is leading the Internet of Things solutions for water networks. We work with the most advanced technologies to monitor and control everything: from water networks to green façades, from installations to devices for purifying water.

Communication networks

A-CING has a deep knowledge of modern Communication networks for M2M that fit best for IoT typical requirements: low consumption battery, reliability, coverage, low bit rate, low cost per device.


A-CING can design a specific solution for your necesity and also we can reuse our well-proven own equipment solutions for IoT. Indeed, we can perfectly design, implement, set, configure, etc. the best equipment solution for your IoT project: smart meters, sensors, motes, arduino, raspberry pi, gateways, actuators, etc.

Data platform

IoT typical projects often need a platform for storage, normalise, process, share and visualize data, that can be seen as a hub to connect inputs and outputs. Again, A-CING knows the global market of platforms and is involved nowadays in innovation projects using propietary o commercial ones (IDBOXRT)

More information in A-CING IoT4Water

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