Radio Spectrum Management

A-CING staff have been working for the Spanish Spectrum Regulation Authority Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones y para la Sociedad de la Información (SETSI) for the last 10 years. They provided technical and regulatory assistance on spectrum and radiofrequency issues, both in Broadcasting, Mobile, Fixed and Satellite Service.There are A-CING employees working in-place together with Spanish government employees, since 2008. Their main tasks are:

  • Interference analysis between new and existing wireless networks.
  • Administrative processing and fee for spectrum usage calculation, for correct frequency assignment in every service.
  • Management of different projects, as modernization of processes, new software developments, the implementation of a new radiofrequency simulation software for the Ministry…
  • Consultancy in spectrum policy and regulatory activities in the European Framework.
  • Spectrum monitoring; technical compatibility checks.
  • Spectrum policy benchmarking and wireless technologies evolution studies.